My Mission


To be the most trusted financial professional in the region delivering meaningful advice to clients whom seek and will act upon my counsel

I'm reminded of the saying, "a man with one watch always knows the time.  A man with two is never quite sure.'  Today, non-stop, 24 hr. information flows from everything from the nightly news to internet chat rooms.  Business news with scrolling ticker tapes and the trifecta of stock picks from investment analysts all create the illusion that even more information would give you an inside edge.

It's all just noise.  It's hard to tune it out completely but you are better off if you do.  History teaches us that following the crowd is a sure recipe for failure as most zig when they should zag.  

Unfortunately, I can't alter the news and don't profess to have a crystal ball.  However, I can provide context to past history and outcomes.  

A golden rule that seems to apply to most every investment situation has guided me through challenging times in the past and things worked out pretty well.

Q + T + D = R/W

Q is for Quality.  If you don't stick with quality you are likely to be very unhappy at some point.

T is for Time.  Quality investments and their management teams need time to add value.

D is for Discipline.  Yours and mine.  The process will yield results - if we let it.

R/W is for Rewards and Wealth.  The likely outcome of following the process.

Simple but not easy.