Initial Consultation

Ok, I'm interested.  What's next?

Three promises.  The first, you aren't going to be pressured to buy anything.  The second, there are no fees in learning more about your situation.  Finally, anything we discuss is and always will be strictly confidential.

The first part of the meeting will be very informal as I get to know who you are and what you would hope to achieve if we had a business relationship. The second part would be more formal as I would ask some questions about your income, investments and insurance currently in place. The only decision I will ask you to make during the first meeting is whether or not you would like for me to further investigate your situation and set-up a second meeting. 

It would be helpful but not mandatory to bring along the following types of information to the first meeting;

  • recent investment account statements
  • any life insurance policies
  • Notice of Assessment
  • pension information

While the list is not comprehensive it allows me to take a cursory glance at where you presently are at so I have an understanding of some of the considerations of your situation.  In addition, many have questions about these so you might gain some insight too.

A second meeting will allow a more formal presentation of a solution to your situation and any costs or further considerations involved.  You will likely have some follow-up questions you forgot to ask in the first meeting. At the end of the second meeting we can assess whether there is interest in continuing forward. 

Regardless of whether we decide to move forward at this time, you will be treated with the utmost of respect and any and all discussion and information will remain in the strictest confidence.