Planning Matter$

The following 100 plus published articles, all written by Murray, now appear regularly in the Business Gazette which serves Campbell River and the Comox Valley.  Formerly, his Planning Matter$ bi-weekly column was a popular feature in the Campbell River Courier-Islander newspaper until their corporate takeover by Black Press in April 2015.  While they summarize general economic and financial planning principles, they should not be considered a replacement to advice tailored to your circumstances.


Rules of Thumb
Wed, 2013-10-23
Let's look at some of the more common ones. The 4% Safe Rate of Withdrawl.  I've probably read 4 or 5 articles on this in the past couple of years debating whether this still holds true. ...
Is a Home a Good Investment?
Wed, 2013-10-16
I've never met anyone successful with money that didn't own a principal residence. What makes a home a great investment?  To start with, leverage which translates to your down payment. Assume...
When Should you Begin to Teach Kids about Money?
Wed, 2013-10-09
A client recently asked me about when is it the right time to begin teaching kids about money.  It was a great question not so easily answered. The research would suggest that the earlier in...
"Flation" Anyone?
Wed, 2013-10-02
Inflation is probably not that much appreciated by the public at large where costs go up faster than wages.  The GIC rollover at a couple of percent buys no more next year as it did this year...
Coffee and Advisors
Wed, 2013-09-25
It's a stimulant and stimulants are bad for you.  It's a diuretic and as most Canadians don't drink enough water you should skip.  Too much caffeine can make you jumpy and interferes with...
The Winds of Change
Wed, 2013-09-18
Behind the scenes regulators and lobby groups are locking horns over the way in which most Canadians currently pay for financial advice and the future of embedded fees. What's an embedded fee? ...