Planning Matter$

The following 100 plus published articles, all written by Murray, now appear regularly in the Business Gazette which serves Campbell River and the Comox Valley.  Formerly, his Planning Matter$ bi-weekly column was a popular feature in the Campbell River Courier-Islander newspaper until their corporate takeover by Black Press in April 2015.  While they summarize general economic and financial planning principles, they should not be considered a replacement to advice tailored to your circumstances.


Doctors Orders
Wed, 2014-01-15
The Doctor looked at the chart and then glanced at the patient up and down.  "Good news," he said.  "I want you to continue to eat exactly what you've been eating.  Fill your plate...
The Christmas Spirit
Wed, 2013-12-18
I'm a traditionalist.  I still say Merry Christmas and send out cards saying the same.  Yes, I know not everyone celebrates December 25 in the same way. Western society has many holidays...
Empty Nest
Wed, 2013-12-11
We put the youngest of our children on a plane week before last.  Destination, Grande Prairie.  Campbell River is the only home he has ever known and he was fully-employed. Still, the...
Black Friday
Wed, 2013-12-04
In case you hadn't noticed, Black Friday hit Canadian shores in earnest last Friday.  No, not an infamous stock market correction but rather the retail event of the year.  The one preceding...
Boom, Bust and Echo
Wed, 2013-11-27
Written in 1996 by David K. Foot, the book provides a look at the future through demographics.  It's been sitting on a shelf collecting dust since first reading it around the same time....
My Mercer Rant
Wed, 2013-11-20
Hold onto your hat.  That whirlwind of activity known as the 5th annual Financial Planning Week (November 17-23) is here.  Well, maybe not here and in checking, not much there either....