Planning Matter$

The following 100 plus published articles, all written by Murray, now appear regularly in the Business Gazette which serves Campbell River and the Comox Valley.  Formerly, his Planning Matter$ bi-weekly column was a popular feature in the Campbell River Courier-Islander newspaper until their corporate takeover by Black Press in April 2015.  While they summarize general economic and financial planning principles, they should not be considered a replacement to advice tailored to your circumstances.


Barnacles and Boomerangs
Wed, 2014-08-27
Both my grandfathers were born in Europe.  Both made their way to this country with little in their pockets.  Both by themselves, both as teenagers. Times have changed.  The when, how...
Emergency Fund
Wed, 2014-08-13
I've never logged, worked in a mine or a pulp mill.  The closest I got was a summer job at the former Raven Lumber.  What these occupations had in common was that they were all subject to...
Keeping up with the Joneses
Wed, 2014-07-30
Keeping up with the Joneses commonly refers to our desire to have (or at least appear to have) the material wealth of our peers.  For at the heart of all social interactions is our desire to fit...
Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
Wed, 2014-07-16
Many seniors today have benefitted from both the fortunate times they were born in and their own good financial habits.  It didn't start out this way as most lived in modest homes, many with a...
Rates of Return
Wed, 2014-07-02
It's a fair question but not one easily answered.  Far too many considerations to throw numbers out to the masses. Let's consider the "risk-free" rate of return.  We'll call this the rate...
Monthly Payments Make Sense
Wed, 2014-06-18
It took a long time for me to come around but on whole, I prefer monthly obligations.  At least for those things I would deem needs.  For those on a fixed but modest income monthly billing...