Planning Matter$

The following 100 plus published articles, all written by Murray, now appear regularly in the Business Gazette which serves Campbell River and the Comox Valley.  Formerly, his Planning Matter$ bi-weekly column was a popular feature in the Campbell River Courier-Islander newspaper until their corporate takeover by Black Press in April 2015.  While they summarize general economic and financial planning principles, they should not be considered a replacement to advice tailored to your circumstances.


10 Questions to Ask Your Planner
Wed, 2014-11-05
  How do you prepare for an interview with a financial professional and more importantly, what questions should you ask? A first meeting should involve the planner asking the majority of the...
Snowbird Part 2
Wed, 2014-10-22
With the loonie trading below the 90 cent range it will be a more expensive year for those who haven't hedged their bets by also owning U.S. dollars.  At some point you may find convenience in...
Snowbird-Part 1
Wed, 2014-10-08
Not the Anne Murray song nor the southern migration of a bird of flight.  Rather, the term commonly associated with border crossing Canadians in search of sun for a good part of the year....
Benefits of Investment Counsel Firms
Wed, 2014-09-24
Once reserved for only the wealthy, access to investment counsel firms have become more commonplace in recent years. At minimum, one requires obtaining a Portfolio Manager designation or similar and...
10 Things You Can Do Today
Wed, 2014-09-10
Many will remember the tv commercial of the mechanic who looks up at the owner of a car and says, "you can pay me now or you can pay me later." The commercial was for Fram and the inference was that...
Barnacles and Boomerangs
Wed, 2014-08-27
Both my grandfathers were born in Europe.  Both made their way to this country with little in their pockets.  Both by themselves, both as teenagers. Times have changed.  The when, how...