Callaghan Wealth Management

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Murray Callaghan has been providing investment, insurance and financial planning counsel for the past 15 years in Campbell River.  With a growing clientele in B.C. and Alberta he is known for his straight forward and practical advice and always, his impeccable integrity.

Callaghan Wealth Management was a natural progression for Murray.  "I wanted to offer a small but discerning client base the very best advice free from corporate conflicts-of-interest.  I've seen my share of instances where client needs were not well-served by those being paid to look after them.  The measuring stick for many firms is still about monthly commissions generated.  Do that or lose your seat."

Today, he has partnered with a select group of experts as an extension of the services he is able to provide himself.  Some of the services offered include;

Retirement Planning                                      Household Budgets and Cash Flow

Investment Counsel                                      RRSP RRIF RESP TFSA

Life Insurance                                                Critical Illness

Banking Products                                           Monthly Income

"I pride myself on providing independent and comprehensive advice without any pressure or gimmicks.  As a small business person I'm also very conscientious of each and every dollar spent.  In many cases I can reduce your overall costs of investing and provide comprehensive, value-added services like retirement and financial planning at no additional cost.  

Feel free to drop me a line at mcallaghan [at] crwealthmanagement [dot] ca or give me a call at (250) 286 9968 to set-up a free initial consultation.